Yes, I'm A Home Maker. No Need To Make It Awkward.

The roster was published several weeks ago, those of us participating in a program for grad students on how to integrate faith and work and shape culture through vocation.

And clearly I’m in on Stephen’s coattails as I’m not a graduate student and am unlikely to be one at any point in the future.

But the roster was circulated, and I eagerly opened it to find out who we’ll be spending the year with and what fields they represent.

Name. Program/Occupation. Email Address.

The chart was full except for one glaring vacancy next to one woman’s name.

Katie Kump. Blank. Blank.*

Surrounded on every side by Masters and PhD students, what can you say of a woman who stays home with a child?

Someone who spends days analyzing stool samples and measuring liquid intake.

Who’s constantly monitoring the ring around the toilet.

Who’s read “Little Blue Truck” until she’s blue in the face and has to rap her way through one. more. time.

Who’s busy all day but has an unfinished to-do list to show for having maintained the existence of a tiny human for 24 more hours. And managed to remember deodorant. Who put that on the list after the fact.

What can I possibly say of myself?

I’m a stay-at-home-mom. But it’s a lot more than staying.

I’m a full-time-mom. But it’s not like the working moms aren’t still moms when they’re at work.

I’m not exactly a work-at-home-mom. There’s no paying job I’m doing here during naps.

So call me crazy, but I’m going with Home Maker.

Except I’ve got these wild and wide ideas about how a woman might think about “home.”

And I think the “making” of a home has a lot more to do with a life-consuming art style than any kind of crafts.

Yeah, we ought to be offended if womanhood is made out to be laundry and Pinterest and diapers and dumbed-down anything. We ought to be outraged, we who bear the image of God and are called to reflect His creating goodness.

But what if a woman is called to foster eternal home no matter her age or stage or occupation?

And what if every aspect of creating home is purposed with the intent of revealing the Truth about the God who died and rose to make an eternal home for His Bride?

What if? What if home is a promise and making is a foretaste? What if home is a heart and making the art?

Then Home-Making would be the art of building and nurturing relationships and environments that draw people into the forever love of Jesus.

And maybe every woman would own her holy calling.

I’m going to.

Katie Kump. Home Maker.


*This was clearly an innocent oversight because the roster was delivered electronically, not by messenger pigeon, and I received an apologetic email from the horrified sender just a few days later, but here we are because I needed to be here anyway. So, Sender, if you happen to read this, thank you. The Spirit was moving in all the ways. It’s going to be a great year.

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