Hey friend, I'm Katie.

Walking, talking, and
Mexican food fanatic.
Friend who believes
your whole soul matters.
Homemaker & Writer.

Let's go for a walk?

I Don't Cook. There. I Said It.

I don’t.

It’s time the truth was out there and it feels like the best way to begin a new season of writing.

I’m starting over here with the blogging thing. Like I never started before. I’ll leave the old content, but turn a page.

I’ve turned some life pages in the last year since I’ve been breaking from writing. It only makes sense to do all the things newly.

The problem is I’m not exactly sure what to tell you you’ll find here. I don’t have one particular direction other than Jesus and finding Him through being a woman.

But what I can’t do? The list is long. And I need permission to not do the things I won’t do well, both for my sanity and your expectations. Stephen’s really good at freeing me up this way, so it seems only right to embrace that freedom in my writing.

So here we are. While I’m not cooking, here’s the honest truth about what I cannot offer you:

You won’t find anything hand-lettered here. Not one thing.

And you won’t find recipes. (Maybe just a link to Costco’s membership page and the recommendation that the $5 rotisserie chicken is an exceptionally perfect dinner.)

You won’t even get nice pictures.

You won’t find anything remotely DIY or crafty. Heaven help.

And I’m not your tips and tricks and fashion friend. Outfit of the day? Same as the outfit of yesterday, and, if I’m lucky/honest, hopefully tomorrow too.

So many others have gifts that I don’t have and I’ll happily send you their way for all the talents oozing from them as we have need.

So what am I here for? What can I offer you that’s true to my soul and might encourage yours as well?

Well, I’m simple. Give me the basics over and over again.

And I’m calm. Occasionally shy, but mostly just not the loudest person in the room. So I’m not going to shout or bombard you on the internet. I’d rather treat you the way I’d treat you in my living room. An open-book conversation over coffee and cookies.

There will be so much Jesus, because there has to be. He’s all that’s worth having.

And confession of imperfection, because what else is there when Jesus and honesty meet up?

God’s Word is breathtakingly alive, and I’ll offer you that relentlessly as I offer it to my own heart, our lifeline.

And connections. Equipping you with the relationships and the resources that bring your soul out into the wide open, Jesus-resplendent life you were created for.

I’ll open up my heart as a follower.
A woman.
A wife.
A mom.
And a friend.

In the simple, calm, imperfect, heart-sleeve-wearing, Jesus-clutching, people-connecting way that is (from what I can gather) fairly typical of my real-life self.

And if you get more Jesus for having been here, we’ve both made a strong stride in the race to That Day–the only day that matters.

I’m Katie Kump, I’m doing something new, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Because He's Growing So Fast It Hurts