About Katie


walking. talking. Mexican food.

Hey friend, I’m Katie Kump. These are my love languages.

Most days you can find me making a home for my two favorite guys in New Haven, Connecticut, and power-walking our souped up stroller around the neighborhood with friends or podcasts.

I’m mostly known for being a social introvert. The only thing I love more than connecting women to each other and helping them become more fully themselves, is to be alone with Jesus and let Him first do the same for me. I pray this space will help you come fully alive as we integrate our relationship with Jesus into every part of our lives.

When I’m not busy writing you can catch me on long walks, drinking tea with an overwhelmingly tall stack of books, or accidentally hiding in the pantry eating chips.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. I’m not a good cook, and I’m an even worse decorator. I hate crafts and DIY and ironing. So if you’re not an “ideal” homemaker, you’ve found your people.

  2. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2009 with a BS in International Affairs and Modern Language, but I decided to become a full-time nanny because my true passion had always been to be a stay-at-home mom. With no prospective husband on the scene, I realized my heart would be most fully alive while staying home with other people’s kids. I started a full-time position in 2010 and grew up with Juliet from 12 weeks to 5 years; she started kindergarten the week we moved to Connecticut, and two months later I gave birth to my son, James. The ultimate promotion.

  3. Dancing is my favorite, and I have a feeling the world will surely come to know it as James grows. Now I understand why my mom was always dancing whenever we went shopping. Why not?!

  4. My husband, Stephen, is in the Georgia Army National Guard. Being an Army wife was something I never anticipated for myself, but I have learned more about the Lord’s faithfulness and sovereignty through these years of military life than I have through almost anything else.

  5. A few years ago I self-published a book about all the things I wish I’d known about Jesus when I was in high school and college. You can find it here on Amazon.

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