your whole soul matters

Hey friend, I’m Katie.

I’m a homemaker and writer,
and I believe your whole soul matters.


About Katie

I’m really not an internet person, so if you can find me in real life, let’s do that instead? I’d rather be walking and talking about Jesus on our way toward Mexican food. Always.

But here we are on the internet and somehow Jesus shows up everywhere — whether we want to be there or not.

What’s the battle cry here? Give us Jesus. Whatever gets everyone the most of Jesus is what we’re going to do.

You can take that as my final call on everything from housekeeping to homemaking, toddler-chasing to marriage-tending, friendship-forming to Kingdom-building.

Jesus is the answer to everything. If we’re not getting more of Him here, we’ll call it quits and go somewhere else, ok? Great.

What shapes my soul and fills my days?

  • Following Jesus

  • Marrying (daily) Stephen Kump

  • Mothering James and Annie

  • Making Home

  • Neighboring Smyrna, Georgia

  • Shepherding the Women of the Smyrna Collective

  • Writing, Dancing, Walking, and Generally Living in Athleisure


Ways to Find More of Jesus Here


Blog Index

Some seasons of life require that I write in order to thrive rather than merely survive. You can find some of those words here.

Simply Jesus: Because Hindsight Shows You He is All You Ever Needed

In 2014 I published a book about all the things I wish I had known about following Jesus in high school and college.

Recommended Resources

It can be so hard to find trustworthy people and products on the internet, so I’m rounding up some of my favorites for you. Stay tuned!